Religion and Public Life is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research group, examining the nature and function of contemporary forms of religion. We study the intersection of religion and spirituality with other domains–the arts, politics, policy, identities, secularism, heritage and culture, immigration and citizenship, and national and international relationships.

Hosted by the Department of Religious Studies, the group was founded in the summer of 2019, to promote and support interdisciplinary, collaborative research on the place of religion in contemporary society. Alongside current news, research, and events, included here is an archive of the many projects, lectures and activities that provided the context to the formation of the this collaborative group.

In the wake of the New Zealand mosque shooting, residents gather for a vigil outside Halifax City Hall.


religion, secularism, modernity, public sphere, lived religion, popular culture, religion and the arts, religion and politics, religion and identities, pluralism, ritual, gender, heritage and culture